Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Typically musicians wear elegant blacks, ranging from cocktail attire to ball gowns and tailcoats. Upon request we can try to suit a style or colour for your event.


Our musicians will require a permanent structure cover, marquee or commercial umbrella to protect their instruments against the elements (sun, rain, and debris).

After each hour of performance a 10 minute break is required. Our breaks can be arranged to coincide with speeches or other formalities.

Before the event, we ask if you would like the musicians to stay until the end of the proceedings or pack up and leave quietly. Overtime will apply at a pro-rata rate of $150 per musician, per hour.


If you can’t find your favourite song on our full repertoire list we will happily arrange it for you and offer two arrangements free of charge!

This will depend on your event setting and number of guests in attendance. We recommend amplification for events with guest numbers over 120.

Have a chat to us and we will work out if amplification would be beneficial for your event.

Electric instruments are amplified!

Yes we do!

If the total travel time exceeds one hour there will be an additional pro-rata charge of $60 per hour, per musician.

Final selections are required 10 days before the function date.

To make things easy we have an online wedding ceremony music form. Specify which piece/s you would like for each ceremony section.

The general rule is 1 square meter per musician.

Yes, musicians are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the booking time to set-up.

Set-up and pack-up time is not included in the booking time.

That is up to you!

If you have booked a cellist they will require an armless chair unless they are ELECTRIC.

Choose as little or much as you like. We will select music to perform based on your preferences if there is time remaining.

Please take a look at this blog as a guide to: “Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Playlist”

Every event is different so feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

The booking time is from when you would like the musicians to start performing (or have their soundcheck) until you would like them to pack up and leave.

Set-up time is complimentary and not included in the booking time.

For a traditional wedding ceremony we are typically booked for an 1hour and 15minutes. If the ceremony finishes early the musicians will continue performing until the end of the booking time.

If your guests exist the church or move to a new location before the booking time is up, our musicians will try to find an appropriate area near your guests and keep performing.

We like to recommend our electric performances for events that need amplification and have more of a party vibe!


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