Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Playlist

Live music is a great way to add a personal touch to your special day. It sets the tone, sparks emotions, and creates atmosphere. Selecting the right songs for your ceremony may seem daunting, but we are happy to help you through the process.






When your songs are played:

Processional (entrance of the bridal party) – 1 piece

  • Imagine walking down the aisle to this piece, think about the tempo and mood. Too fast and you will feel like you are running; too slow and the ceremony may go overtime.

Signing of the register – 1 or 2 pieces

  • One piece is normally long enough, but you may like to choose 2 in case proceedings are slow.

Unity Ceremony (sand/candle/knot tying) – 1 piece

  • Sometimes there is talking during a knot trying or sand ceremony. Our musicians are happy to play quietly in the background to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Recessional (exit of the bridal party) – 1 piece

  • We find an upbeat, happy piece works best here. Music that celebrates your recent nuptials!

Background music before and after the ceremony – As many pieces as you like

  • Whether you’ve chosen too many songs or not enough, our musicians will make it work. Many of our couples choose classical music before the ceremony and finish with popular hits.

Our musicians know exactly how to round off a piece so that the bridal entrance and other important moments are timed perfectly.

Ways to choose your perfect playlist:

  • Leave it all up to us!
  • View our ceremony music recommendation list
  • Call us to discuss your vision; sometimes it is just easier to have a conversation
  • Tell us all the pieces you would like us to play from our set list
  • Select only a few pieces, we will choose fitting pieces to accompany them
  • Pick a theme and we will play in that style. (e.g. slow romantic, 60’s hits, upbeat classical, rock and roll, pop)
  • Choose a few themes, we are happy to mix it up. (A recent couple chose to alternate heavy metal music with cheesy classic hits)

Things to think about when choosing pieces:

  • Reflect on your history. That one song you always dance to; a song that makes you think of your partner. Do you remember which artist was playing during your first kiss?
  • Read the lyrics. One of my friend’s favourite songs is “suspicious minds” by Elvis Presley, after convincing her to read the lyrics she decided it wasn’t appropriate for her wedding.
  • Consider the feeling you’re trying to create. This is about finding the appropriate theme for your day. Your choices could be completely random or have a more cohesive selection. For a nice flow, choose songs that are in the same genre, written in a similar era or have the same tempo.
  • Check with your venue. Some places of worship have restrictions on the type of music that can be played. We find classical music is always a safe bet but check with your officiant to see if there are any restrictions.
  • Surprise your partner. You and your partner can each pick a song or two and keep it a secret. Think of the laughs you could have!

Varley Strings will play any music you like!

We are happy to chat about your selections if you are feeling unsure.


Choose songs from our
extensive repertoire collection


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We were lucky enough to secure Varley Strings for our Masquerade Ball at Optus Stadium and they were incredible! A large strings ensemble opened the event with a breathtaking performance that included one of Perth's renowned opera singers and a show-stopping violin solo. Cheralyn and the team were so easy to work with and delivered exactly what we were looking for within budget. Highly recommended!
Therapy Focus
I highly recommend Varley Strings, Cheralyn was absolutely outstanding - we had her at our wedding ceremony and canapes, the atmosphere was wonderful and it made our day so very special, can't wait to use these guys again at any party, event or occasion - turning ordinary to extraordinary!
Courtney Clark
Varley Strings played at our corporate event at the Perth Zoo. They were a pleasure to deal with in the planning stage, very responsive to our requests and generous with offering their own ideas and advice. On the day, they were punctual, professional and pleasant. The play list was perfect to the occasion and we received great feedback from attendees. Varley Strings enhanced our event and helped make it a memorable occasion. Would fully recommend them - you won't be disappointed.
Bruce Sivalingam